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The primary objective of IDF FSPL is to provide long term sustainable and affordable financial and related services to the rural and urban poor.

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The Genesis

Initiatives for Development Foundation (IDF) is a non profit organization founded by Developmental Bankers and Administrators who have expertise in micro credit, micro enterprise development, sustainable agriculture, rural development, transfer of technology, entrepreneurship promotion, corporate planning, communication and administration, social research, NGO constitution and Institutional development of grass root organizations. Initiatives for Development Foundation (IDF) was set up as a Registered Public Charitable Trust during November 2001.

IDF Financial Services Private Limited (IDF FSPL) was carved out of IDF and is dedicated to provide Microfinance and allied financial services. In order to scale and promote microfinance operations and generate adequate capital, microfinance division of IDF was delineated from its parent organization and registered as IDF FSPL, a Non Banking Financial Company in April 2009 with its Registered Office in Bangalore & Administrative office in Dharwad. IDF FSPL is run by a dedicated team with rich technical, organizational and banking experience.


Our aim is to "Build a financially inclusive model with a social face that is commercially viable for the poor".

IDF FSPL practices the following codes of conduct

  • Assist organizing the poor into micro Self Help Groups (mSHGs).
  • Build the capacity of micro Self Help Groups (mSHGs) through Training & Non training interventions.
  • Financial assistance to these mSHG to take up income generating activities.Hence create employment generation in rural/urban areas and achieve poverty eradication.

Core Values

At IDF FSPL we take pleasure in the great impact that our work creates in the lives of the underprivileged and are extremely committed towards achieving it. Our promise is to empower people economically and we shall strive to achieve it at all times.
Transparency breeds trust. IDF FSPL is an open and transparent organization. We deal with our clients, associates and partners in an open manner. All relevant information is shared. We adhere to all regulatory, legal, social compliances and are open about our practices and operations.
IDF FSPL respects ingenuity. Change is the only constant thing in life. We are not afraid to try new ideas, new methodologies and new concepts. We believe that learning never ends and that the key to be a long term player is in being innovative. The more creative we are, the more is the possibility of delivering to our clients what we promise i.e., high quality affordable financial services at their door step.
Ethics in Business
We strictly abide by a predetermined set of code of conduct. Our aim is to help the economically underprivileged and there is no bias or any negative beliefs whatsoever in delivering what we promise to deliver.
We believe in equality of life, transparency in process and nobility in what we do. IDF FSPL does not resort to or tolerate any unfair means of practices with our clients, associates or staff.
Exceptional Teamwork
People are the greatest asset of any organization. At IDF FSPL, we believe in creating an environment of mutual trust and respect where individuals perform to their best. We believe in constructive feedback and open culture where every individual is treated equally.
We strongly believe that synergy is the key to our work and that the most effective and efficient way to accomplish a task is by working as a team.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility isn’t something new at IDF FSPL. It's not marketing. We've been making a positive impact on our communities since we were founded in 2001.

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