Credits (Loan)

mSHG Loans
Productive Purposes : Setting up/expansion of Micro Enterprises, service and business activities, Agri input purchasing, animal husbandry activities, etc.
Consumption Purposes : Children education, health care, repayment of past debts, religious functions.
Asset Creation : Purchase of consumer goods, bicycle, repair of house/purchase of site.

IDF-Ashraya a Micro Housing loan
There was a long pending demand for housing loan by our members for construction of new dwelling unit in rural and semi-urban areas.As the credit needs are very small, Banks are reluctant to meet such a demand for housing loan. So, to meet such demand we have introduced a micro housing loan product IDF-Ashraya with a limit of Rs.50,000/- for construction of small dwelling unit. The loan is repayable in 48-60 months.

Individual Loan - Abhyudaya
This loan product is for individuals who don't want to be a part of mSHG for availing credit facilities. The group members who have promptly repaid their 1st and 2nd cycle loan as a member of mSHG and are in need of higher loan amount to run their income generating activities, are eligible for loan under 'Abhyudaya' scheme. The maximum loan amount shall be Rs.60,000 (INR Sixty Thousand only) repayable in 24-36 monthly installments. For details contact our nearest Branch.

When the business activity graduates to higher scales, the credit requirement increases and can't be met under existing schemes because of RBI guidelines. Hence, we have introduced a individual loan product IDF-Pragathi to take care higher business loan requirement outside preview of RBI guidelines. The loan amount under the scheme shall be up to Rs.1,50,000/- repayable in 24-36 months.

Interim Loan product:
To meet emergent consumption needs of existing mSHG members interim loan product with a limit of Rs.5,000-Rs.10,000/- is introduced. The existing mSHG members whose existing loans are regular and they are in need of loan to meet their urgent and immediate requirements such as school/college fees, Medical emergencies etc., the Interim Loan product is very useful.

Loan product(s) :


Sl. No. Product Name Purpose Loan Size RoI Tenor Months Remarks
1. Group loan Consumption and productive Rs.30,000 - 1st cycle
1,00,000 4th cycle onwards.
24% 24-36 JLG loan. Amt increases
with progressive cycles.
2. Dairy loan Purchase of milch animals. Rs.40,000 - 1,25,000. 24% 24-36 JLG loan.
3. Interim loan Emergency purpose Rs.5000 - 10,000. 24% 15-20 During the currency of main loan.
4. Unnathi loan Expansion of business Up to 50% of existing limit. 24% 24-36 During the currency of main loan.
5. Pragati loan Set up new Business Up to Rs.1.25 lacs. 24% 24-36 Individual loan for existing clients.
6. Micro-Housing loan Repairs, renovation of house,
sanitation works etc.
Up to Rs.50,000. 24% 48-60 For existing clients having income generating activity.


Sl. No. Product Name Purpose Loan Size RoI Tenor Months Remarks
1. Abhyudaya-Individual loan Income generating activity. Up to Rs. 2,25,000. 24% 24-36 Individual loan after two cycles of group loan.

* Rates effective from 01st June 2022.

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