• Cluster consists of 5 -mSHG's.
  • Clusters carry out the functions of collection loans repayments, savings and other cash transactions, including insurance premium and fee for health services etc.
  • All the members of mSHGs will assemble at the pre appointed date; time and place at the Cluster meetings.
  • At the same meeting as much as lending, disbursements should be done.
  • The meeting of cluster is done and located in a place where the radius of travel by the mSHG members should not exceed 15 Kms approximately.
  • The cluster is an informal congregation of SHGs to and for cash delivery to the IDF mSHG Federation / IDF FSPL.
  • The cash is collected by the Credit Officers of IDF FSPL and moved to the Branch office of NBFC and mSHG FED office for further deposit into bank account.
  • Recommend loan applications for its quantum, tenure and other terms etc for appraisal by the Credit Manager of IDF FSPL.
  • Attending to defaults at the mSHG level and pursue for payment.
  • Attending to the problems of mSHG, strengthening member groups.
  • Auxiliary support for group formation and motivation.
  • Clusters are represented in them SHG Federation management structure, through Cluster Level Associations (CLA). These meet quarterly and are comprised of the Heads of 15-20 Clusters in a similar geographical area.

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