IDF FSPL team consists of professionals from different backgrounds knit as a close family. Their academic and domain backgrounds range from Technical, Financial, Industry and Managerial to Social services. Bonding of like-minded people having common shared values, passion and complementary skill sets develops "Team IDF FSPL".

IDF FSPL is looking for people from diverse backgrounds with high levels of enthusiasm and intent to make a social impact. We want to attract and retain the best talent in the country for we believe that the future of IDF FSPL lies with them. IDF FSPL believes in developing a congenial environment where people learn and grow, both on professional and personal fronts. We ensure that people grow internally and take up higher posts and responsibilities by ensuring continuous skill development programs.

Skill Development

The new team members are inducted to imbibe the organizational culture and the career path through:

  • Induction Trainings
  • Mentoring and Delegation
  • Domain Trainings Imparting Specific Skills
  • Management & Soft SkillsTrainings
  • Refresher and Orientations

The trainings are both in house and by deputation to external programs. The team cohesion is built by annual get together, competitions and performance recognition.

Experience at Microfinance though preferred, is not a must. Freshers may also apply. For onsite activities, people with working knowledge of local language would be preferred.

IDF FSPL engages individuals as well as firms with domain expertise in areas of planning, finance, auditing, market research, team building and other allied sectors.

In addition to full time salaried employees, IDF FSPL deals with two types of Consultants:
  • Retainer consultants who provide services on a retainership basis - Employed for longer time frames)
  • Associate Consultants who provide their professional time on the basis of need for a specific assignment (Engaged on a need basis)

We would love to hear from individuals with similar expertise who would want to undertake/co ordinate in specific projects meant for empowering the economically underprivileged.

Interested individuals can send their resume to

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