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Our Vision
Financial empowerment of the economically underprivileged through good quality and sustainable financial services

True Empowerment is when the desire to achieve is backed by resources and skills that enable an individual to transform his/her life. We would like to create that willingness and build that confidence which forms the fundamental necessity for any form of empowerment. We would also provide all kinds of support financial, technical, managerial and others to help people be more self reliant, self confident and self motivated.

We believe that economically underprivileged people are the ones who, irrespective of their social being, fall into the category of ‘resource poor’. Resource may include capital, skills or guidance.

Good quality services refers to timely, adequate and affordably priced financial services, that are customized to the various needs of the poor and provided at their door step.
Our Mission
“Reaching 20 lakh families by 2020”

Currently IDF FSPL operates in 12 districts of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Our long term goal is to scale our operations to the entire state of Karnataka and gradually to nearby states enabling us to reach 2 million families in the coming decade.
  • Handling investment
    portfolio for SHG savings.
  • IDF SHG Federations will recommend disbursal
    of emergency loans to
    the extent of SHG
    savings from IDF FSPL