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Microfin Awareness Tours
IDF believes in promoting Microfinance among common people. We want to share our success stories and make people aware of the power of microfinance in transforming the daily life of millions across the country.
We hope to inspire and motivate people to take up microfinance related activities and further expand the reach of IDF FSPL and similar Microfin organizations.

These tours would include
  • A visit to the local IDF FSPL centre where the touring team would meet regional heads and domain experts who would help to understand the process and the overall goal of micro finance organizations.
  • A visit to actual SHGs and an opportunity to meet SHG members which would help them to understand the bottom line impact of Microfinance services.

Microfin Awareness tours would be conducted on a request basis from a group of people.

For more details contact :idff.fin@gmail.com

  • Life Insurance
  • Death And
    Disability (Cattle)
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