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Credit (Loans)
IDF FSPL believes in diversity of credit needs of our clients. Hence we have customized loans that cater to different segments and different needs of the people. Besides meeting investment & consumption credit needs, IDF FSPL supports the members with short term emergency loans as well.

SHG Loans
Loans are provided to SHGs as general-purpose loans. The SHGs will on lend to their members for the following purposes.

Productive Purposes : Setting up/expansion of Micro Enterprises, service and business activities, Agri input purchasing, animal husbandry activities, etc,
Consumption Purposes : Children education, health care, repayment of past debts, religious functions
Asset Creation : Purchase of consumer goods, bicycle, repair of house/purchase of site

Loan Terms mSHG Loans
Cycle I Cycle II Cycle III
Max Loan Amount in Rs 15000-20000 per Member 20000-30000 per Member 30000-40000 Per Member
Repayment Period in months 12 24 24
Rate of interest in Karnataka 24% 24% 24%
Rate of interest in Maharashtra 26% 26% 26%
Service Charge 1% 1% 1%

* Rates effective from 01st June 2012.
It is a fundamental operational unit consisting of 10-15 members belonging to a given locality and having homogenous socio-economic background.Read more..
  • Handling investment
    portfolio for SHG savings.
  • IDF SHG Federations will recommend disbursal
    of emergency loans to
    the extent of SHG
    savings from IDF FSPL